Friday, January 4, 2013

Why Motivate To Learn?

Welcome to Motivate To Learn! This blog is all about sharing what motivates the happenings of a classroom.  What will motivate children to learn? What will motivate teachers to grow? What will motivate the classroom community to be strong? You'll find postings about teacher resources, lesson plans, tips and ideas, pictures and much more. So, please join me on this journey and share along with me!

A little bit about me... I am an elementary teacher of 10 years who was recently laid-off.  This has been a tough blow for my family, but, like many other families, we are making due. However, this time has also been joyful in that I have been able to be home with my sons. Now, being away from the hustle and bustle of the classroom leaves me a little squirrely.  I thought about how I can still stay connected to education while being at home. I've started stores at Teachers Pay Teachers as well as, Teacher's Notebook, but I was still feeling like I wanted to share more resources, knowledge and be more connected to other teachers. So, along came Motivate To Learn.  I truly do believe that the classroom is an amazing place to be! With all the craziness that is going on in education from testing, Core Standards, budgets, teacher evaluations to the ever changing school culture, the classroom is what grounds the students. Behind the door of a classroom a teacher nourishes childrens' minds and social development. The teacher implements new ideas and perfects old-school ones. The teacher strives to become better at their craft. The classroom truly is an amazing place! What amazing happenings go on in your classroom?


  1. Looks great Amy! Can't wait to


  2. Thanks Karen! This will be an interesting journey. :)


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